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    Tips for an Amazing Ella Train Experience

    tips for an amazing ella train experience

    Not only is the Kandy to Ella train journey the most beautiful in Sri Lanka, but it's also renowned as one of the most scenic train rides globally. Board the train and witness the spectacular scenery of lush green tea plantations, mountains, arched bridges, valleys, and dense forests—a perfect way to immerse yourself in Sri Lankan life. Interact with locals, wave at children running alongside the tracks, and indulge in spicy snacks sold by vendors at each stop, making it a must-try Sri Lankan experience. Pattours is honored to provide you with some guidance for an exceptional journey.

    Duration and Timing
    The journey from Kandy to Ella takes about 6 hours, but expect some delays in Sri Lanka. Plan for up to 10 hours on the train, making it worthwhile despite the duration.

    Depart from Colombo
    While it might be tiring to depart from Colombo, especially in the early morning, Pattours advises against napping to avoid missing the breathtaking scenery from Kandy to Ella.

    Morning Train
    Opt for a morning train journey for the best experience. Daylight allows you to appreciate the magnificent landscapes throughout your trip.


    Avoid Weekends
    Steer clear of weekends as they tend to be crowded, making it challenging to secure a seat. Standing for 9 hours is not ideal.

    Explore Stops
    If time allows, disembark at scenic stops like Nuwara Eliya and Haputale to explore renowned tea plantations, such as Lipton's Tea Estate.

    Choose Your Seat
    Sit on the right side of the train for ideal views when reaching Nuwara Eliya. Switch to the left for the rest of the journey to ensure a panoramic view.

    Bring Your Food
    The train itself doesn't offer food, but local vendors will board at each station selling snacks. Carry cash to enjoy these local treats.

    Don't miss the beauty of Kandy railway station with its traditional white iron canopy and golden station signs, creating a nostalgic atmosphere as the old-style train pulls in. These tips ensure you're well-prepared for this world-renowned train journey.​